Commercial windows with solar and security properties

Brooklyn, WI: Entryway and solar-protected commercial window replacement for a Mobile Mini Mart. Security film between the glass panels helps prevent shattering in case of an impact plus provides a more even hot / cool temperature and protects staff from glare.

I just wanted to share the experience I’ve had working with Mike at Area Glass on the Brooklyn Mini Mart project. Area Glass has met all of our scheduling criteria and exceeded any expectations regarding scheduling.

It has been an extreme pleasure working with Mike and such a professional company with such integrity. We faced a challenge with security film that was installed on the inside of the glass by an outside vendor not living up to Mike’s expectations. Many other companies might have said that’s good enough or we’ll just wait and see as it gets better. Instead Mike was willing to write a second hand warranty covering the glass film application to stand behind the expectations in the prescribed amount of time, but instead, Mike feels compelled to provide new glass with laminate security film between the glass which will be a much better product and a fair amount more costly to Area Glass which they all absorb the cost. This type of integrity and assurance has been very well received by the customer, he’s happy to have this glass installed and truly appreciates that we’re not going to settle for less than exceeding his expectations.

I would highly recommend Area Glass for any of our upcoming projects that uses this type of installation.

Mark GavinPaul Davis Restoration
Madison, WI