Permanent or portable COVID protective barrier screen solutions

Coronavirus protection shields for your workplace

In response to current health safety concerns we have solutions for businesses to maintain social distance as you continue to serve customers.

For safety at cash registers, counters and desk tops, Virus Control Systems is our workplace safety screening solutions website. Virus Counter Guard comes completely assembled, is easily adjusted, and quick to install. The retail service window is centered in the middle of the shield between two hinged / adjustable side panels. “Sneeze guard” screens can be permanent or portable and are made of durable, long lasting Polycarbonate.

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Call us to design, fabricate and install

For more robust custom glass solutions to limit exposure and combat coronavirus, we manufacture barriers for any space. We are experienced fabricators who can offer you the solution for your business to immediately protect your employees and valued customers.

Examples of permanent protection safety glass barriers

  • Glass partitions for clinic reception desks
    Clear tempered glass partitions with adjustable mounting rods.
  • Custom office partition glass hush enclosure
    Madison: Designed, fabricated and installed tempered glass to enclose below the drop ceiling.
  • Verona Senior Center coronavirus barrier
    Verona WI: Custom virus control barrier around front lobby desk.
  • Bullet glass window also protects from COVID-19
    Madison: Bullet-rated security glass also protects from Corona Virus.
  • Pass Through Safety Glass & Corona Virus protection
    Pass Through Safety Glass can protect from COVID-19.
  • Custom built transaction slider – virus protection for workers
    Madison: Custom fabricated transaction slider window for a medical clinic also shields from Corona Virus.